Investment Decision-Making Processes

With many in-house pension fund teams now operating like fiduciary asset managers, the issues that asset managers grapple with in this area are also pertinent to pension funds.

Structures and Process

Structure and decision-making processes are vital to an organisation’s efficient functioning yet few entities conduct independent reviews of the internal structure. As larger pension funds take greater control over the decisions governing the management of their assets, it is vital to have the right decision-making processes in place – the wrong ones can not only lead to internal inefficiencies but ultimately also hamper investment performance.

Relevant Infrastructure

Having the appropriate processes in place is important but it is difficult to make the right decisions without the relevant supporting infrastructure – and using that infrastructure in the right way.

How We Can Help?

Our team has reviewed an extensive number of processes – be they asset allocation, manager research and selection, operational due diligence or risk management (investment and organisational). We can assist you with defining appropriate objectives and metrics for measuring their achievement as well as reviewing your internal decision-making processes in the light of best practice.

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