Sales & Marketing

In the institutional arena there is simply no substitute for having good long term relationships with the key decision-makers. Institutional investors and their advisors prefer to spend time getting to know an investment manager in –depth before investing with them.

We assist our clients in building these direct relationships in a highly effective manner. In particular, we help our clients focus on:

  • An appropriate sales and marketing strategy
  • Identifying the markets, investors and intermediaries most likely to be interested in their products and strategies
  • Positioning those strategies so that they are appealing for the target markets
  • Building supportive relationships with the potential investors through targeted communications programmes
  • Developing thought leadership strategies so our clients can be seen to be respected leaders in their field, for example, through publications and industry conference sessions
  • Producing compelling marketing materials
  • Writing effective proposals and distributing information efficiently across industry databases
  • Training for presentations, due diligence and new business pitch meetings

We work with asset managers who have established sales and marketing teams as well as those who have no on-the-ground presence in Europe and require more direct assistance.

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